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Grades 6-8 Middle School

The Middle School program at MDS includes grades 6-8. The Middle School program strives to serve as a bridge for students from elementary school into high school, by building a strong foundation of student skills and world knowledge. Students begin each day in Homeroom and then have seven class periods. In language arts and math classes, students are in "flexible groups" which means they are grouped based on abilities and individual learning needs. Social Studies and Science classes often are organized by grade level which helps to ensure that, for example, 7th grade students learn 7th grade state standards in those areas.

Occupational therapy, physical therapy, social work and speech-language services are available to students based on individual needs, as well as other outside, contracted services such as vision and counseling services. Bilingual methodology is integrated throughout the curriculum for all subjects, and students participate in a variety of student-centered activities, inquiry-based learning and technology projects.



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