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Grades 9-12

The MDS high school is comprised of students in 9th – 12th grade. Each class ranges from 4 to 10 students and  one teacher. All teachers are specialized in their area of academics (Math, Reading, Language Arts, Transition, Science, and Social Studies). Students have required classes they are supposed to complete prior their graduation from MDS. All students are required to earn 21.5 credits before graduating. Students are offered a variety of classes, and often have a selection of elective courses they are able to take. Elective courses that have been offered are mysteries of science, family and consumer science, web development, world knowledge, communication and debate courses.

MDS currently follows a 7 period class day. Students also have an advisory period where they learn study skills, are updated on current events around the school, and work in committees for student council to plan and organize activities. Two days a month, students to not attend classes, but rather focus on transition skills that focus on their post-secondary education options, employment, and developing independent living skills. While attending MDS students also have resources such as speech and language therapy, social work, social skills, and study skills. Mainstreaming opportunities are arranged on an individual basis with a nearby high school.

Prom and an international trip occur every other year, on a rotating basis.  

Teachers and students alike are encouraged to integrate technology into their assignments and or lessons, teachers often use a variety of software programs available and equipment provided by the school. All teachers have a SMARTboard in their classrooms. Students all have Chromebooks that they are able to use both in the classroom and at home to ensure they have the resources needed to expand their education and learning. 


Prospective Students