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K-5th Grade

The elementary (K-5) program at MDS is comprised of approximately 1 classroom per grade level. The average class size is 6 students, with a staff to student ratio of 1:3. The curriculum for academic classes is delivered in the students' first language (ASL), and students also receive instruction in that language via ASL classes taught at each grade level. Elective classes include art, physical education, health, technology and social skills classes. Flexible grouping based on students' language and math skills is also a part of the K-5 program. Occupational therapy, physical therapy, social work and speech-language services are available to students based on individual needs, as well as other outside, contracted services such as vision and counseling services. Bilingual methodology is integrated throughout the curriculum for all subjects, and students participate in a variety of student-centered activities, inquiry-based learning and technology projects. SMARTboards are used in all classrooms, and a variety of technology tools for learning are at students' fingertips. With a 1:2 computer to student ratio, teachers are able to integrate computer use into a variety of lessons and student projects. Students are introduced to video technology and video editing software as early as kindergarten, empowering them to record, edit and publish their work in their first language--ASL.

Deaf and hard of hearing students in the elementary program come from school districts all across the metro area. Regardless of students' language background when they come to MDS, classroom staff and language specialists work to ensure that students develop a strong foundation in American Sign Language to support their learning throughout the curriculum and develop English skills in reading and writing.


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