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Speech and Language Therapy

Metro Deaf School has two Speech/Language Pathologists who use American Sign Language as well as Spoken English, who serve our Pre-K through 12+ population.  The Speech and Language Pathologist evaluates, plans and provides speech and language services to students that have this service on their IEP.  Goals for each student will vary and depends on the needs of each student and family. Students are seen in the Speech/Language Pathologists room or in the classroom.   

The following are areas that may be worked on during speech/language sessions:

  • speech reading (lipreading)

  • articulation

  • auditory training

  • improving ASL/spoken English vocabulary (both receptive and expressive)

  • swallowing

There is a range of various types of amplification that students at Metro Deaf School use such as cochlear implants, BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) and BTE/ITE hearing aid (Behind The Ear/In The Ear), to name a few.  Some students choose to not use any type of amplification. 

Prospective Students