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Parent Teacher Group

The MDS Parent-Teacher Group (PTG) was founded to promote the growth of Metro Deaf School by:

  • Encouraging and maintaining interest and understanding among our school, family, and community for the betterment of the community.
  • Creating a forum for parents, teachers, staff and community members to connect, discuss, and support the mission, vision, and progress of Metro Deaf School
  • Serving as a line of communication between parents, staff, and community,to the board and Executive Director.
  • Supporting the academic, social, and emotional growth of the MDS student body.
  • Providing, when appropriate, financial support of student and school-related activities.

PTG Mission Statement and Goals

the families and school staff of MDS together
the mission, vision, and progress of MDS
SERVE the academic, social and emotional needs of the students
PROMOTE MDS in the community and help bring the community to MDS

             PTG officers ( L to R ) Jack Williams, Lauren Lawer, Pam Weber, Amy Caslow


Amy Caslow- Co Chair
Jack Williams- Co Chair
Pam Weber- Secretary
Lauren Lawer- Treasurer

 To contact any of the PTG officers: email

PTG Meeting : 

Thursday February 16th 5:30-7:30 at MDS!

* ASL/Voice Interpreter provided.  
* Other Languages available upon request- please request by Feb 10th
* Light Refreshments and coffee provided
* Childcare provided


Prospective Students